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Yachting & Sailing Adventures all around Greece

We have handpicked a selection of trips covering   MykonosSantoriniParosCorfu or Rhodes in Greece, where you will enjoy a mix of adventure and leisure, life onboard a yachts & catamarans while feeling like the time has stopped and the serenity of the landscape and of the sea have conquered your senses. We designed unique itineraries, with carefully selected inclusions, to offer an experience like no other! 

Mykonos Yachting & Sailing

Being one of the most exclusive destination in the Mediterranean, Mykonos each year finds a new thing to impress its visitors. An island that was made famous just because it neighboured the Sacred Delos, it soon grew its fame to what has been described today, the Mecca of the Med. Our partners in Mykonos offer amazing day sailing trips with a variety of yachts & motor-yachts for each one’s taste, so don’t miss your chance to a Sailing Adventure.

Santorini Yachting & Sailing

Famous for its wine, cherry tomatoes and of course the breathtaking views from the Caldera, an island that became what it is due to a volcanic eruption, keeps attracting million travelers each year, with most of them to join the infamous Caldera cruises on catamarans! Cliff perched whitewashed villages, and the surrounding sea offer one of the most unique settings for a sunset on this planet, so don’t be surprised why a boat tour in Sanotirini is a must when there!

Paros Yachting & Sailing

If Paros is distinct for one thing, then it's everything you've seen in the typical Cycladic carte-postal and many more ! Whitewashed villages, blue-domed churches, blonde-sand beaches, fishing harbours overlooked by taverna tables, plus lively bars and cafés. Add to this numerous secluded coves and sheltered harbors and you get a perfect spot for being part of the most awesome sailing trip. Being in the centre of the Aegean sea, 

Rhodes Yachting & Sailing

Not many islands have such an exciting history like Rhodes, since the Ancient times up till recently, With castles & forts, with forests that reach the coast and numerous secluded coves, a beautiful coastline reveals itself to those choosing a trip from the sea to explore Lindos or Symi, but also more of what Rhodes offers. Enjoy a trip on a motor-yacht for a day or more with Sailing Adventures, in some of Greece's most iconic spots, combining a cosmopolitan vibe and total relaxation.

Corfu Yachting & Sailing

The birthplace of Achilles, the largest of the Ionian islands, and a town recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site are just few of the things that make Corfu a legendary destination for travellers from all the globe. Add to this the amazing beaches with azure waters, and  a range of islands close enough, Corfu is an ideal destination for a boat tour to explore the spots accessible only  by the sea. Don't miss spending a day aboard a modern luxury motor yacht with a great crew!

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