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Delivering exceptional sailing experiences for years!

With a background in Tourism, Hospitality & Yachting sector for the last 17 years, and non-stop involvement these years with guests from all over the world, I have developed the skills needed to show parts of my country and run experiences which were always considered as highly valued by guests due to the personal attention, sincerity and passion for excellence. Having the chance to combine my hobby, sailing, with my job has been one of those things you'd wish to happen and it did! With a record of over 15000 guests on boat tours operated, now we have the chance to design, operate and execute our own sailing adventures!

Fishing Boat

With our carefully selected partners in Mykonos, Santorini,Paros, Corfu & Rhodes, we designed some unique boat tours, with carefully selected inclusions, to offer an experience like no - other for travellers who wish to join our day trips. Don't miss a day at sea on a boat, exploring the best spots each destination has to offer, in style and comfort! 



Our Professional Crew


Our Captain

A seasoned sailor & Captain, with many racing nautical miles in his back would warmly welcome you on board


Our Hostess

Our well trained, hospitable and personal hostess is our second crew member in our day cruises and tours from Athens. An authentic meal, and making you feel home, is her primary duties.

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