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Welcome Aboard!

Book your spot today and set sail along the Athenian Coastline on a Catamaran boat tour

Sailing Adventures in Athens
& beyond 
Offering unique sailing boat tours with catamarans & yachts with crew, in Athens and other destinations in Greece !
Sailing Athens on a Catamaran

Our Crew makes the difference

An experienced and highly trained team onboard, is dedicated to offer exceptional sailing  boat tour experiences on our Catamarans & Yachts.

This experience was magical. The view, the food, the hosts... everything was top tier. I would give more than 5 stars if I could! Thank you so much for hosting us!

Stephanie, 24

Athens boat tour on a catamaran

Sailing Adventures all over Greece 

Let us show you Greece, through a  one-in-a-lifetime Sailing boat tour experience!

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